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Visit London’s Newest Outdoor Attraction: The Marble Arch Mound

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

London’s most talked-about tourist attraction opens to the public. Tickets for the showstopping 25-metre-high mound located next to Marble Arch are already available and they include access to the spectacular light display featured inside the Mound.

“Now more than ever, public art projects occupy an important place in society. They provide opportunity for all to enjoy and discover art, they also encourage much needed footfall back to London. The Marble Arch Mound is the perfect opportunity to cooperate and show everyone what we can accomplish when we pull together,” said Mark Dales, founder of W1 Curates.

About London’s Marble Arch Mound

We could all use a bit of distraction right now. How about a new man-made hill right in the city centre? Yes, please! Commissioned by Westminster City Council, the Marble Arch Mound aims to deliver a new, meaningful experience to capture the imagination of visitors, residents, and local businesses.

Designed by world-famous Dutch architectural firm MVRDV, the temporary installation is inspired by the history and diversity of the area while opening a new perspective of a Greener future. Expect a lush park-like scenery of trees and grass that elevates the corner of Hyde Park to a remarkable 25-meter-tall viewpoint over the Marble Arch, Marylebone, Oxford Street, and Hyde Park. Who thought we could enjoy a sample of the “great outdoors” right at the heart of the city, right?

Daytime street level illustration of the Marble Arch Mound by MVRDV
Daytime street level illustration of the Marble Arch Mound by MVRDV (photo source:

The Hilltop Experience & The Infitity Room

To marvel at new perspectives offered by the Marble Arch Mound, you’d need to climb to the 25-metre peak via a single continuous route that winds its way up to the top. Once you’re there, a viewing deck awaits, with 360-degrees unprecedented views down the Oxford Street area. On your way down, you can descend inside the Mound since its hollowed-out space accommodates a shop, a café, and an exhibition space.

The art space will feature a one-off special light exhibition by W1 Curates called “Lightfield” and led by British/American artist, Anthony James. It consists of cubes that communicated with one another via ethernet cables to simulate the interlinked root structure of a birch tree forest. Together, they create an enormous canvas for light to dance around, following visitors’ footsteps as they explore the exciting new space.

“Lightfield involves 12 cubes that allude to the mycorrhizal nature of birch tree forests. This is the 1st time my work has been viewed and displayed in this completely immersive way – installed within an infinity room that carries visitors into another world to create a limitless and meditative narrative,” said Anthony James, artist.

Lightfield installation view (photo source: W1 curates)
Lightfield, the infinity room created by artist Anthony James, installation view (photo source: W1 curates)

📍 The Marble Arch Mound is at Cumberland Gate, London W1H 7EJ (a 1-min walk from Marble Arch).

📆 Open from 26 July 2021 until January 2022.

🚇 The closest tube stations are Bond Street (Central Line and Jubilee Line) or Marble Arch (Central line); alternatively, a 15-minute walk away from Edgware Road tube station ( Circle, District, and Hammersmith & City lines) or Hyde Park Corner Station (on the Piccadilly line).


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