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WithinLondon Featured in LondonPop Magazine

Excellent news from WithinLondon! Remember this summer's blog post about the Picadilly Art Takeover? We're delighted to announce that it was featured in the 11th issue of the LondonPop Magazine. You can read the initial blog article here and see the amazing LondonPop feature below.

The LondonPop Magazine is one of the superb perks of having a London Pop Box subscription. Each month, members receive a custom box filled with gifts from London, UK. Members can receive up to seven products, from Stationary & Homeware to Snacks & Treats, Jewellery, Accessories, & Beauty Products, AND... the fantastic LondonPop Mini Magazine.

LondonPop Box was initiated by a group of Londoners who wanted to share their passion for London city life with people across the globe. Each month they send a gorgeous red box of both iconic and trendy gifts with a flair of genuine London style sourced from the capital's artisan crafters, hidden boutiques, and pop-up shops who are constantly carving out new trends as well as re-designing & challenging the conventional concepts of contemporary city souvenirs!

If you LOVE LONDON, subscribe to a LondonPop box to enjoy the best of the city right from the comfort of your home.


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