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Restoration of Historic Victorian London Subway To Be Completed by August 2022

The majestic Grade II listed Crystal Palace subway will be returned to its formal glory following major works that will take place until the summer of 2022. The plan is to repair/rebuild existing walls, build new parapet walls, a roof structure, and transform the site into a multi-functional space that will be easily accessible throughout the year.

The subway was used as a way for visitors to get to the Crystal Palace. (Photo source: BBC news/GETTY IMAGES)
The subway was used as a way for visitors to get to the Crystal Palace. (Photo source: BBC news/GETTY IMAGES)

When was the Crystal Palace subway built?

First opened to the public in 1865, the Crystal Palace subway contains a spectacular series of vaults located under the Crystal palace Parade, at the edge of Crystal Palace Park.

Brief History of the Hidden Crystal Palace Subway

Initially designed by Charles Barry Jnr to provide access to the Crystal Palace from the top-level station, the main structure was built from cream and red brickwork, with an ornate floor paved in two interchanging types of stone.

The Crystal palace was originally built in Hyde Park and moved to what is now Crystal Palace Park
Although originally built in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition in1851, the palace was moved where the Crystal Palace Park is located now

What happened to the Crystal Palace?

The Crystal Palace was a massive glass-and-iron exhibition hall famously destroyed by fire in 1936. Few people know that the Palace that housed the Great Exhibition of 1851 was located at first in Hyde Park, London, and was taken down and rebuilt between 1852 and 1854 at Sydenham Hill.

As the subway provided a grand entrance to the Palace, after the palace burned down,

it fell into disrepair and was placed on Historic England's "at-risk" register, being is one of the last remaining features of the original Crystal Palace. The subway and its history have an international following brought together by the dedicated Friends of Crystal Palace Subway’s

website. Thanks to their efforts, an award of £2.8m grant funding was secured, and later this summer, we'll be able to visit the newly restored subway.


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