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Exclusive Mark Rothko Exhibition inaugurates Pace Gallery's new London home

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

As Pace Gallery opens a new home in London and shifts the current Burlington Gardens space "to another use," what better way to celebrate than with an exclusive Mark Rothko Exhibition?

Marc Glimcher, the chief executive and president of Pace Gallery has also represented the Rothko estate since 1978, therefore inaugurating the future 8,600 sq ft street-level Mayfair exhibition space at 4 Hanover Square with a poignant show of Rothko artworks seems the best thing to do. Pace’s new London residence goes live on October 8 and up to 25 jewel-like paintings on paper created by the world-famous abstract expressionist in the late 1960s will go on display.

Although the artworks are on loan from private collectors and the Rothko estate and most of them will not be for sale, they highlight a distinct chapter of the blue-chip artist’s career and his final years. The ill-health that followed an aortic aneurism forced Rothko to scale down his cosmic vision reproduced through his signature monumental paintings and turn mostly to working on paper, but without toning down his enthusiasm nor inner intensity.

"I'm interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on.”(Mark Rothko)

This will be the first exhibition dedicated exclusively to this masterful body of Rothko works in Great Britain and the gallery’s 5th historic exhibition focused on Rothko’s unparalleled mastery.

As Pace approaches its 10th anniversary in the capital, Marc Glimcher saw this celebratory milestone as the perfect opportunity to “tell the story of Rothko and show the different sides to his practice,” as he revealed in a Financial Times interview.

Rothko’s works on paper showcase the artist’s lifelong endeavour to reduce "all obstacles between the painter and the idea, and between the idea and the observer" by granting viewers unprecedented closeness.

Despite the tumultuous circumstances, through his feverish pursuit of refining and experimenting his idea of boundlessness Rothko extends the effect of acrylic paint, proving that his bold, everlasting passion for colour doesn’t always need large-scale canvases and can be very well embodied within more intimately sized paper works with a similar poignancy.

Adjacent to the Rothko show that will be featured across two gallery spaces will be a new multimedia piece by Brooklyn-based Torkwase Dyson that seeks to complement Rothko’s abstract works.

Along with its new space, Pace reaffirms its leading status within one of the world’s major art hubs while embarking upon an ambitious exhibition agenda with consistent multidisciplinary events accessible via the Pace Live platform.

Details of the upcoming Mark Rothko Exhibition @pacegallery: 📆 Oct 8 – Nov 13, 2021

⏰ To be announced. 📍 PACE Gallery, 5 Hanover Square, London

🚇 The closest London Underground Stations to Pace Gallery will be Bond Street (on the Jubilee & Central lines), and Oxford Circus (Victoria line, Bakerloo line, and Central line).


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