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Londoners Show Support for Ukraine

Londoners keep showing their heartfelt support for Ukraine by leaving flowers, Ukrainian flags, messages, and signs calling for peace beneath the sculpture of Saint Volodymyr near the Ukrainian Institute in Holland Park.

Why sunflowers? Sunflowers have been planted around the statue as they’re not just Ukraine’s national flower but they have also become the symbols of solidarity and resistance in the war against Russia.

Why the Statue of Saint Volodymyr?

Volodymyr, known in the west as Vladimir The Great, ruled Ukraine from 980 until 1015. The monument in Holland Park, London, is a creation of the Canadian-Ukrainian sculptor Leo Mol (1915-2009).

The bronze statue of the patron saint of Ukraine was unveiled on 29 May 1988 and stands on the corner of Holland Park Avenue and Holland Park, London Borough of Kensington, and Chelsea.

The inscription on the pedestal reads: "St Volodymyr, Ruler of Ukraine, 980-1015; erected by Ukrainians in Great Britain in 1988 to celebrate the establishment of Christianity in Ukraine by St Volodymyr in 988."

Among the messages left by Londoners were "standing proudly with Ukraine", "Peace", "No war", "Peace for Ukraine", "Stop the war", "We want to live", "Stop the Russian aggression", "Help Ukraine now," and "The World Knows the Truth. We Stand With Ukraine."

Flags, daffodils and heart-shaped signs are just a few symbolic messages for Ukraine
Londoners expressed their support for Ukraine by leaving flowers, flags, and blue and yellow heart-shaped signs.

According to the United Nations (UN), more than 3.4 million refugees have left Ukraine (as of 19 March 2022) because of the Russian invasion. This is the fastest-growing refugee crisis since the Second World War.

Messages of peace and solidarity with the people of Ukraine
Messages of hope, peace, and solidarity have been pouring a few meters away from the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom.

📍 St. Volodymyr statue, Holland Park

*All photos were taken by Ina/WithinLondon, unless stated otherwise.

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