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A Tour of London's Top Christmas Lights & Decorations

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

As the festive season approaches, London magically turns into a winter wonderland adorned with glittering lights, colourful decorations, and a palpable sense of holiday cheer. One of the most enchanting things about Christmas in the capital is the spectacular light displays that inundate its iconic landmarks and streets. Join me on a journey through the top Christmas lights and decorations in London, where the city's historic charm merges seamlessly with the magic of the season.

1. Oxford Street

Kickstarting our festive tour is the world-famous shopping haven, Oxford Street. Each year, this bustling thoroughfare dons its Christmas best with a radiant display of twinkling lights. The themed decorations often tell a festive tale, ranging from traditional motifs to contemporary designs. The switch-on ceremony is a must-see, drawing crowds eager to witness the street come alive in a kaleidoscope of colors. (video here)

2. Regent Street

Next to Oxford Street, Regent Street competes for attention with its eye-catching display. Everything is adorned with mesmerizing lights, creating a majestic canopy that stretches the length of the street. Regent Street's Christmas lights are renowned for their artistic, angelic flair, incorporating innovative designs that ignite the imagination of locals and visitors alike.

3. Covent Garden

Venture into the heart of Covent Garden, and you'll find a Christmas lights display that transforms the historic market area into a festive haven. The cobbled streets and iconic piazza are adorned with whimsical, larger-than-life decorations, from oversized baubles to sparkling bells. The market's unique charm combines seamlessly with the festive illumination, creating a magical atmosphere that lingers in the memories of all who visit.

4. Carnaby Street

Known for its trendsetting vibe, Carnaby Street takes a bold approach to Christmas lights. The area collaborates with different artists and designers each year to create a unique and visually striking display. Expect vibrant colors, quirky installations, and a festive ambiance that perfectly complements the eclectic spirit of this iconic London street. (video here)

5. Kew Gardens

For a more immersive Christmas lights experience, head to Kew Gardens and explore their annual winter trail. The Royal Botanic Gardens are transformed into a sparkling wonderland with enchanting light installations, from glittering tunnels to radiant trees. The magical journey through Kew Gardens offers a serene escape from the urban hustle, allowing visitors to bask in the beauty of nature illuminated by festive lights. (video here)

6. Bond Street

Bond Street, renowned for its exclusive boutiques and high-end designer stores, takes the concept of luxury to new heights during Christmas. The street becomes a glittering runway of luxury, with world-class retailers competing to create the most enchanting and stylish festive displays. From designer fashion houses to fine jewelry emporiums, the decorations along Bond Street reflect the season's spirit with a touch of refinement.

One of the highlights of Bond Street's Christmas lights is the meticulous attention to detail and creativity displayed by each retailer. Expect to be mesmerized by window displays that tell festive stories, often adorned with intricate decorations, sparkling lights, and bespoke designs. The themes vary, ranging from traditional holiday motifs to modern interpretations that showcase the artistry of both fashion and festivity. (more pics here)

7. St. Pancras International

This year, St. Pancras International's 12-metre-tall Christmas Tree is a collaboration with Hatchards. It's more than a seasonal decoration; it's an immersive invitation to embark on a reading adventure-- a literary wonderland that takes passers-by to fantastic new worlds. In a world where social media trends sparked a 25% increase in teenagers' reading habits, this extraordinary display hopes to inspire a return to the transformative power of books. After all, books are the escape from the hurly-burly bustle of the modern world that no other medium can dream of competing with. (info source: St.

8. Churchill Arms

At 119 Kensington Church Street, Notting Hill, you'll find the most Christmassy pub in London. Churchill Arms is renowned for its abundance of Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and festive motifs. Every year, they go above and beyond in decking its exterior, transforming it into a visual feast of lights, greenery, and ornaments.

Conclusion London's Christmas lights transform the city into a captivating show, capturing the hearts of residents and tourists alike. From the glittering shopping districts of Oxford Street and Regent Street to the charming enclaves of Covent Garden and Carnaby Street, each display tells a unique story of festive joy and creativity. For a more immersive experience, the enchanting winter trail at Kew Gardens offers a serene retreat amidst nature's beauty. So, bundle up, take a stroll through the twinkling streets, and let the magic of London's Christmas lights brighten your holiday season.

*All photos were taken by Ina/WithinLondon, unless stated otherwise.


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