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Day trips from London: 9 Reasons to Walk the Long Walk in Windsor

Welcome to The Long Walk in Windsor, one of England's most iconic and picturesque walks! Stretching from Windsor Castle to the Copper Horse statue of King George III, this beautiful tree-lined path offers a spectacular blend of history, nature, and breathtaking views. So here are nine reasons why you should take the time to experience the Long Walk:

1. Stunning Views of Windsor Castle

Starting at the magnificent Windsor Castle, the Long Walk provides unparalleled views of this historic royal residence. Seeing the castle from the tree-lined avenue is awe-inspiring and offers fantastic photo opportunities. Your Instagram followers will appreciate it.

2. Majestic Copper Horse Statue

At the end of the Long Walk stands the impressive Copper Horse statue of King George III on horseback. This statue, set atop Snow Hill, marks a significant historical landmark and offers a remarkable endpoint to your stroll.

3. Historical Significance

The Long Walk is steeped in history, having been laid out during the reign of Charles II in the late 17th century. Walking this path connects you with centuries of royal history and the many significant events that have taken place in Windsor Great Park.

4. Wildlife Spotting

Windsor Great Park is home to a variety of wildlife. As you stroll along the Long Walk, you might spot deer, rabbits, and a range of bird species. The park's natural beauty and biodiversity make for a peaceful and engaging experience.

5. Perfect Picnic Spot

The expansive lawns along the Long Walk are perfect for a leisurely picnic. Enjoy your lunch surrounded by the serene beauty of the park, with stunning views and plenty of open space to relax and unwind. In the afternoon it can get a little busy though.

6. Ideal for Fitness Enthusiasts

Whether you're a walker or a runner (beware: no cycles allowed!), the Long Walk offers an ideal route for exercise. The flat, well-maintained path is perfect for a brisk walk or a challenging run, with the bonus of spectacular scenery to keep you motivated.

7. Accessible and Family-Friendly

The Long Walk is easily accessible and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Its gentle terrain makes it a family-friendly destination, where children can enjoy the great outdoors and the rich history of Windsor.

8. Royal Events and Ceremonies

The Long Walk is often used for royal processions and events, including the annual Garter Day parade. As you advance on the path you get a sense of the grandeur and tradition associated with the British monarchy and its ceremonial occasions.

9. Connecting with Nature and History

Walking the Long Walk is a unique chance to connect with both nature and history. The combination of Windsor Castle, the sheer beauty of the Great Park, and the historical significance of the path itself creates a deeply enriching experience.


The Long Walk in Windsor is more than just a path; it's a journey through history, nature, and royal tradition. Whether you're seeking unique views, a place to exercise, or a serene spot to relax, the Long Walk offers something for everyone. Make sure to add this iconic walk to your itinerary and experience one of England's most beautiful and historically rich destinations.


1. To avoid the crowds, try to get there as early as possible. (Anytime between 8-9:30 is wine)

2. Stop for refreshments at The Windsor Castle Pub.

3. Start at the Windsor Castle gates and finish at the statue on Snow Hill.

4. The path is 2.65 miles (4.2 kilometers) so be prepared to walk a total of 8.4 km.

5. If you like adventure, consider returning on a different path. As you're facing the statue, turn right and follow the path towards the forest. When you reach the 1000 Years of the Office of High Sheriff memorial on your left, turn right and head towards the Castle, following the Queen Anne’s Ride "avenue" of oak tree.

6. On a clear day, when you reach the top of Snow Hill, look east. If you have binoculars or a good zoom on your camera, you can even see the London skyline.

*All photos were taken by Ina/WithinLondon, unless stated otherwise.


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