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Van Gogh's paintings come alive this summer at Van Gogh Alive, Kensington Gardens

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Because you can never have too many multi-sensory installations inspired by Van Gogh's paintings, there's another ultra-instagrammable immersive multi-sensory experience right in the heart of London (read about the first one here). Described by Forbes as "a sensory journey like no other of its kind," while Timeout speaks of “making the magic of art come alive for all ages,” Van Gogh Alive has our undivided attention.

Van Gogh Alive is set in the heart of the City -  Kensigton Gardens.
Van Gogh Alive is set in one of the most gorgeous royal parks - Kensington Gardens (Photo Ina/Within London)

Van Gogh alive vows to let us “peek into the heart of the painter to deeply yet subtly connect with him” as CNN elegantly describes this immersive show. And immersive it is on all fronts, with a mirrored room of sunflowers and escapist provencal starry nights inundating the ceilings triggering vibrant symphonies of sound, light, fragrance, and colour at every step.

The Vincent Van Gogh Alive experience is captivating, enchanting, and interactive, breaking the traditional museum canon of tiptoeing inside grand, imperial white cubes. With its surround, multi-sensory design, the organizers help us transcend time and space, connecting us straight into the painter’s universe.

Visitors can accompany Vincent on journeys across the Netherlands, Saint Rémy, Arles, and Auvers-sur-Oise, to understand how he got to create such an extraordinary legacy of timeless masterpieces. The evocative displays bring together over 3,000 inspirational images to transform every possible angle and surface inside the stunning Kensington Gardens’ space into an “unforgettable multi-sensory experience”.

“At Van Gogh Alive you don’t just look at his paintings, you literally step inside them to feel their power.” (source: vangoghaliveuk)

An art exhibition beyond imagination

Organizers promise a striking, fully entertaining, and educational venture into Van Gogh’s world, with all senses fully bathed in his vibrant artistry. Apart from discovering unique perspectives of Vincent’s well-known pieces of work and viewing his artworks from new perspectives, here’s how the Van Gogh Alive exhibition space is divided and what to expect from every room:

1. The Interpretative area

As you enter, to whet your appetite for what’s next, you’ll receive the most important details about the exhibition and get to know fascinating insights into Vincent Van Gogh’s life and most famous works.

2. The SENSORY4™ Gallery

This is the big deal everybody’s talking about. Expect a deeply moving journey where all your senses will be blown away by the powerfully immersive installation that awakens your imagination and transports you within his brushstrokes.

3. Vincent’s bedroom

Next: a life-sized representation of “Van Gogh’s bedroom” – one of his most popular masterpieces. You can walk in it and even get a snap or two to re-create the iconic painting yourself.

4. Art activity area

Gain access to enlightening video tutorials and get a hands-on understanding of perspective, drawing techniques, and composition.

5. Immersive sunflower room

Selfie bunnies, this one’s for you and your Insta feed – imagine a mirrored room jam-packed with hundreds of sunflowers where you can take all the selfies you want and create great, everlasting memories of this extraordinary experience.

6. Shop & café

On your way out, there’s a Gift Shop with all the Van Gogh-themed items you can wish for. And if you’re feeling peckish after absorbing all the art and knowledge, “Café Provençale” has your back with delicious refreshments, sparkling wine, or even a light lunch while enjoying the sweeping views of the Royal Albert Hall and Kensington Gardens.

So what are you waiting for? Join over 7 million visitors across 65 cities all over the world who have been dazzled by the Van Gogh Alive goosebumps. Purchase your Van Gogh Alive tickets from this link.

📍 Location: The East Albert Lawn, Kensington Gardens, SW7 2AP, London.

⏰ Opening hours (time slots available every half hour):

Sunday – Thursday: 10 am – 8 pm* Friday – Saturday: 10 am – 9 pm*

* Last entry

📅 Van Gogh Alive London takes place until September 26, 2021.


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