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New Year's Day Walk in Notting Hill

Updated: Jan 3

Notting Hill is usually buzzing, so when should you visit it if you'd like to have it all to yourself? The answer is New Year's Day! Yes, walking around London's Notting Hill on the 1st of January is a delightful experience and could be a perfect fresh start to a new year.

What to expect? Here's an Insta reel that sums up the visual highlights and a vivid description of my stroll through the picturesque streets of Notting Hill on New Year's Day:

Surprisingly serene. Every year, London, including Notting Hill is surprisingly serene on the 1st of January, as if the streets echo the hushed excitement of a new beginning. Each rainbow-hued house tells a story, its unique hue and architecture reflecting the eclectic nature of Notting Hill.

Crisp Winter Air and Quiet Streets. Stepping out into the brisk January air, the streets of Notting Hill are refreshingly silent. The morning sun casts a gentle glow on the marshmallow-coloured houses, their facades reminiscent of a charming storybook setting.

Portobello Road Market in Repose. As you head towards Portobello Road from Notting Hill Gate or Holland Park tube stations, the usually bustling market is in a state of repose. The antique stalls and quaint shops that line the street seem to be awakening slowly from the festivities of the night before.

Notting Hill Gate's Georgian Elegance. While strolling around Notting Hill Gate, the elegance of the neighborhood's architecture takes center stage. With their wrought-iron railings and stately doors, Georgian townhouses exude an everlasting pastel charm, creating an atmosphere of refined tranquility.

Winter Florals and Café Aromas. Passing by the local florists, the winter blooms add a burst of color to the scene. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee spills out from the neighborhood cafes, inviting you to pause and savor a moment of quiet reflection.

Westbourne Grove's Boutique Charms. Westbourne Grove beckons with its array of boutique shops. The windows display a curated mix of fashion, art, and design, inviting visitors to explore the unique treasures in this fashionable enclave.

Closing Thoughts. A walk around Notting Hill on the 1st of January is a poetic blend of quiet introspection and the eye-candy allure of this London neighborhood. The air is filled with the promise of a new year, and the timeless beauty of Notting Hill provides the perfect backdrop for reflections, aspirations, and the simple joy of a zen stroll through its enchanting streets.

 *All photos by Ina/WithinLondon, unless stated otherwise.

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